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DIY Lace Tambourine

I wish I can say I thought of this idea. But really, it was this creative bride and her stunning wedding that inspired these handmade lace tambourines. The timing of the discovery could not have been more ideal since my dear friends were getting married a few weeks later. I thought they would be the perfect addition to their impending nuptials. With just a few simple materials, I sat down to make these adorable wedding favors – just in time for their Labor Day Weekend celebration!
You’ll need: 
1 6-8″ wooden embroidery hoop 12 1/2″ brass jingle bells 1/4 yard of lace fabric 2 yards twine or thick string hot glue gun pencil
Start by separating the embroidery hoop. Starting at about an inch from the metal screw and mark 12 equally spaced hashmarks. It’s easiest to just mimic the numbers of a clock. Take the twine and tie a double knot at the top of the hoop.

Wrap it around a few times and at the first mark, thread a bell through the twine.

Wrap the bell, with the twine, around the hashm…

DIY Upcycled Vintage Plates

My collection of vintage china is growing at a concerning rate. I’m addicted to scouring flea markets for the finest porcelain and snatching up affordably priced mismatched sets online. But honestly, what is one to do with all those saucers, tea cups and dinner plates?! When I saw Melanie Rose‘s upcycled vintage plates in London last summer, I was instantly inspired to DIY my own. No ifs, ands or bugs. And now finally, after some trail and error, I’ve finally narrowed down the proper materials and mastered the right technique. Thank goodness for all those spare plates!

You’ll need:

vintage platesclear waterslide decalsclear urethane coat or clear acrylic coatscissorssmall bowlwarm waterpaper towels Start by printing images onto the glossy side of the waterslide decal papers. Let to dry completely before spraying the sheets with a coat of urethane clear coat. Allow to dry completely and then cut the images out carefully, leaving as little white space as possible. Place onto the plates to…